Just Transition and Good Green Jobs for Alberta 2017 - Calgary

Transition is a reality that does not guarantee justice for workers and communities. That was the concern when Blue Green Canada hosted the first conference in Edmonton on Just Transition and Good Green Jobs for Alberta. On September 27, 2017, Blue Green Canada hosted its second conference on Just Transition and Good Green Jobs for Alberta in Calgary to discuss provincial action, the actions of industry, and the impact on people in the coal and other energy sectors.
Click here to read our Just Transition and Good Green Jobs for Alberta 2017 Calgary Conference Summary Report
The report details discussions during the day-long conference as participants sought to answer the question: What is the way forward?
Please also see Blue Green Canada’s complete set of #BlueGreenAB17 Conference materials and Backgrounders:
A great deal was learned at the conference. First, evidence from other jurisdictions shows transition can be just under specific conditions, including a central role for unions, a role for employers in retaining workers through the process, while government at all levels creates the enabling conditions. Second, these actions are urgent given the accelerated rate of change in Alberta’s electrical generation industry. The good news: just transition is affordable and a progressive government is a leading partner.
Our keynote speaker was Samantha Smith, Director of the ITUC's Just Transition Centre. She shared examples from around the globe of how others have managed successful transitions and shared some best practices to apply at home. Dave Thompson, Principal at PolicyLink Research Canada, shared background, summarized work to date and broke out some potential costs and opportunities for just transitions for coal workers and communities. Gil McGowan, President of the Alberta Federation of Labour and representative of the Coal Transition Coalition shared where things stand with the Province and company negotiations on the 2030 coal fired electrcity phase out and some lessons learned from this process. 
Click here for the summary report from our 2016 Just Transition and Good Green Jobs for Alberta conference in Edmonton.